• Isabelle Rozendaal

10 Tips for Having a Successful Year in Orchestra Class

The key to success in music is preparation and organization. Get yourself prepared for the year by having the supplies and tools you need to succeed, including time set aside to practice.

1. Be Prepared: Set aside time in your schedule to Practice

2. Bring a Pencil to EVERY rehearsal- put one in your folder and keep it there

3. Check your case to ensure you have supplies you might need (rosin, cleaning cloth, extra strings)

4. Plan to get to every rehearsal 5-10 minutes early so you can set up and get warmed up

5. Invite friends and family to performances, you get to show them how much you've accomplished

6. Take Private lessons. Check out local music schools or ask teachers for referrals

7. Be hydrated and healthy: eat before rehearsal so you can stay focused, and make sure you get a drink and go to the bathroom BEFORE rehearsal!

8. Come to rehearsals with clean hands.

9. Keep you instrument in a moderate climate place (not in a hot or cold car, ever!)

10. Have fun! Find ways to make practicing fun and interesting, change up your practice strategies, play for friends and family or standing on 1 foot or in a different room in the house or for your pet. Get creative!