For the 2021-2022 school year, Ms. Isabelle teaches private violin, viola and beginning piano lessons at her home on the North side of Evanston. Zoom lessons are also offered for students/families that prefer online lessons.

studio recital.jpg


Evanston, IL

Ms. Isabelle offers private violin and viola lessons in her home in Evanston. She has been teaching in the Chicago area for more than 15 years and has extensive teaching experience in various settings. She specializes in teaching beginners of all ages and adults. As a trained Suzuki and O'Connor (fiddle) method teacher, Ms. Isabelle offers opportunities for her students to learn Classical and/or Fiddle and Folk music. She loves to teach improvisation and composition as well.

Students who study with Ms. Isabelle and with Pascal Innocenti have the opportunity to perform regularly in studio recitals. These typically take place in December, March and June. This recital picture (above) is from our Spring 2018 student recital at First Presbyterian Church in Evanston. Our recitals typically include solos and few fiddle tunes everyone can play together as a group.



Evanston, IL

Ms. Isabelle's husband, Pascal Innocenti, also teaches from home and takes beginners ages 7 and up, and loves working with intermediate and advanced students. He is a wonderful chamber coach and loves to help students with technique and audition preparation. Check out Isabelle & Pascal playing a duet here!